Sťance Participant

As a Paranormal Investigator, I have participated in several sťances (sessions for supposed communication with the dead). My first was an on-air one I arranged in a dimly lit radio studio for a CBC documentary on Houdini. Others included table-tipping sťances (once undercover at the "haunted" Van Horn Mansion near Buffalo—see photo), and a "direct voice" (spirit-trumpet) sťance at the notorious Camp Chesterfield in Indiana. As well, I have attended many sťance-like sessions—either one-on-one with a "medium," or as a member of an audience participating in mediumistic readings—and I have also been a Sťance Conductor.

(See my Adventures in Paranormal Investigation [2007, 87] and The Mystery Chronicles [2004, 31-45]. For the table-tipping sťances, see my "Adventures of a Paranormal Investigator," in Paul Kurtz, ed., Skeptical Odysseys [2001, 230].)

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