Secret Agent

While a Private Investigator, I was one of several PI's from our agency who maintained around-the-clock surveillance on a subject—a Pakistani national—for reasons that were vague and on a need-to-know basis. We staked out his Toronto apartment and followed him on foot, by car, and on bus, streetcar, and subway train to his place of work and other sites, including his mistress' home. There was heightened interest in him during a time when Indiri Gandi was to visit. Supposedly, our client was a large oil company, but I thought that might only be a cover story and that we were actually operating on a contractual basis for perhaps an American intelligence agency. I worked on this case between assignments as an Undercover Operative, until the matter ended—after the agency made inquiries that came to the attention of furious RCMP authorities. (See also Surveillant.)

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