Nazi Hunter

I have been involved in many efforts to help bring justice to Holocaust victims, including contributing to the founding of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C.; examining evidence as to the "haunted" gas chamber (disguised as a Brausebad, "shower bath") at Dachau (see my Adventures in Paranormal Investigation, 2007, 104-107); and providing a brief positive critique of the identification of the Nazi "Angel of Death" Dr. Joseph Mengele (in my Camera Clues, 1994, 87-88).

Most importantly, I played a role in the long-running saga of Ivan "John" Demjanjuk, the Nazi death-camp guard. Asked to prove that he was innocent and being framed, I instead discovered further evidence of his guilt (as discussed in my Unsolved History, 2005, 34-50). See also Affiant.

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