On occasion I have produced an affidavit for some legal purpose-none more significant than that I made in the case of Nazi death-camp guard Ivan "John" Demjanjuk. In 1987, I had been asked by Demjanjuk's family to disprove the authenticity of an incriminating SS identity card and photograph, central to Demjanjuk's trial in Israel. Instead I confirmed their genuiness, whereupon I was dismissed by the family. Demjanjuk was set free due to a confusion over which Ivan he was. Subsequently for a trial that stripped Demjanjuk of his U.S. citizenship, I was deposed for an affidavit regarding my involvement and findings in the case. The affidavit, drawn up by OSI agents on October 5, 2000, was for the United States District Court for the Northern District of Ohio, Eastern Division. (See my Unsolved History, 2005, 34-50.)

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