An Impersonator pretends to be someone he's not (in contrast to an Impostor, who poses as something he's not). In some of my undercover work as a Paranormal Investigator, I have posed as "Jim Collins," (a man bereft at his mother's death), and "Johnny Adams" (a homely old yokel). For these roles I also became a Disguiser, fearing my name or face might be recognized from my numerous TV appearances. (See respectively, my "Undercover Among the Spirits," Skeptical Inquirer 26:2, March/April 2002, 22-25; and "Psychic Sleuth Without a Clue," Skeptical Inquirer 28:3, May/June 2004, 19-24.) In both of these instances, I was not only an impersonator but an impostor too.

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