As a stargazer (a lighthearted term), I have often looked at the heavens-as in my personas of Poet, UFOlogist, even Miracle Claims Investigator, or, often, simply as one interested in the world of science. As a boy, I was taken by my uncle Charlie Cunard to the University of Kentucky observatory to see Mars. Over the years I have witnessed solar and lunar eclipses, Perseid meteor showers, and many other celestial events, both with and without telescopes. (Once, at Conyers, Georgia, where "sun miracles" were being reported, I looked in vain for such, working with Georgia Skeptics who had set up a telescope equipped with a solar filter.)

As shown in the accompanying photos, I visited the Buffalo Museum of Science on June 5, 2012, joining hundreds of other stargazers there in viewing the transit of Venus-the passage of that planet between the earth and the star we orbit, the sun. (The third photo, showing the transit of Venus, was made by James McGaha at his Grasslands Observatory near Tucson.)

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