Upon returning to the University of Kentucky for a Ph.D. (received in 1987), I began to do more scholarly research and to publish in appropriate journals, such as The Filson Club History Quarterly, Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Indiana Folklore, and others.

Pictured here is The CEA Critic (Fall 2005/Winter 2006) with my "The Case of the Missing Edition" (pp. 111-116), regarding the "lost" edition of Ebenezer Cooke's eighteenth-century The Sot-weed Factor, which I discovered in the 1980s. Also shown is ACD: The Journal of the Arthur Conan Doyle Society (June 1999), with my "Davenport Brothers: Investigating the Houdini-Doyle Dispute" (pp. 81-91), concerning the scrapbook of the notorious spiritualists.

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