Psychics' Nemesis

As part of my work as a skeptical Parapsychologist, I have obtained police warrants against a fraudulent medium (1); gone-undercover and in disguise to expose other mediumistic deceptions (2) as well as the lack of genuine psychic ability (3); helped expose "psychic mediums" like John Edward (who for Dateline NBC pretended to psychically receive information that he had simply learned earlier) (4) and Sylvia Browne (uncovering information about her criminal conviction and her plagiarism) (5, 6); and so on. (See my [1] Secrets of the Supernatural, 1988, 47-60; [2] The Mystery Chronicles, 2004, 31-45; [3] Adventures in Paranormal Investigation, 2007, 231-235; [4] The Mystery Chronicles, 2004, 176-186; [5] "Psychic Sylvia Browne Once Failed to Foresee Her Own Criminal Conviction," Skeptical Inquirer, Nov./Dec. 2004, 11; [6] "Sylvia Browne's Latest: Ghostwritten?" Skeptical Inquirer, Sept./Oct. 2005, 53.)

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