Photo Analyst

In my investigations of historical, forensic, and paranormal mysteries, I have often had to analyze a photograph to determine its authenticity or to establish its date or answer some other question. I began to study the history of photography and to assemble a reference collection of dated photos, eventually authoring the book Camera Clues: A Handbook for Photographic Investigation. Its chapters feature the History of Photography, Historical Photo Mysteries, Photography and Photo Identification, Investigative Photography, Trick Photography, Photographing the Paranormal, and Paranormal Photographs.

I have often worked with distinguished experts -- such as forensic anthropologist Emily Craig and Ear-Identification expert Alfred V. Iannarelli -- to assess questioned photographs of Abraham Lincoln (one reported in the pictured Journal of Forensic Identification), Emily Dickinson (commissioned by the editor of the Emily Dickinson International Society Bulletin), Lee Harvey Oswald, Nazi death-camp guard Ivan "John" Demjanjuk, and others, many discussed in Camera Clues.

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