The term monsterologist (used, for example, in W. Haden Blackman's The Field Guide to North American Monsters, 1998, pp. 65, 232) overlaps, somewhat, with cryptozoologist (one who studies "hidden animals"). Cryptozoologists tend to focus on such potentially "real" creatures as Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster, whereas monsterologists study the gamut of entities—usually frightful beings—ranging from the Abominable Snowman to Zombies. I have appeared frequently as a monsterologist on such TV series as the History Channel's Monster Quest and Animal Planet's Lost Tapes. (See also Cryptozoologist, Vampirologist, "Zombie.")

Here are some of the "monsters" I have tracked, whether in the wilds or the human psyche: aliens, alien hybrid, Cadborosaurus, "Champ" (Lake Champlain Monster), Cardiff Giant, chupacabra, devil creatures, Devon devil, Fiji mermaids, Flatwoods Monster, flying humanoids, the Frankenstein dragon, giant eel, giant frog, goblins, gorilla girl, hippogriff, Honey Island swamp monster, human "monstrosities," the Jersey devil, Kraken, Lake Memphremagog monster, loup-garou, Minnesota Iceman, Mothman, Newberry Demon, Ogopogo, plesiosaur, sasquatch, Silver Lake Serpent, succubus, thylacine (Tasmanian tiger), vampires, voodoo loa, werewolves, wild men, witches, yeti, yowie, Zanzibar demon, zombies—and many, many more.

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