Evidence Collector

In my investigative work, I have had many occasions to collect evidence in a case. As a Paranormal Investigator, I have for instance, taken specimens of "blood" for forensic analysis. (See my "Bleeding Door: Enigma on Deadening Branch," Secrets of the Supernatural, 1988, 119-28). I have collected photographs, soil samples, whatever was necessary.

In the accompanying photograph, I am taking samples from a "weeping" icon at a church in Toronto in 1997. This was at the request of an attorney for the Greek Orthodox Church of North America. I transferred these to a waiting fraud-squad detective from the Ontario Provincial Police, who recorded them in his notebook which I then signed. The "tears" proved to be a non-drying oil, apparently deliberately placed on the icon by person or persons unknown, and the church declared the "miracle" a hoax. See also "Weeping" Effigy Examiner.

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