Conspiracy-theory Investigator

Over my career I have investigated numerous cases involving alleged conspiracies (such as those compiled by H. Paul Jeffers, History's Greatest Conspiracies, 2004), including the following:

The Holocaust (see my "Haunted Gas Chamber," Adventures in Paranormal Investigation, 2007, 104-107); the John F. Kennedy Assassination (see "Assassin's Double," Mysterious Realms, 1992, 35-52); the Martin Luther King Jr. Assassination (documentary co-produced for BBC Radio, 1970, see Freelance Broadcaster); Lindberg Kidnapping (Crime Science, 1999, 157-166); Sacco and Vanzetti (Crime Science, 1999, 101-111); Death of Marilyn Monroe (Crime Science, 1999, 261-268); The Roswell Incident/MJ-12 Conspiracy (see "The Crashed-Saucer Documents," Mysterious Realms, 1992, 81-105); and others, including the 9/11 conspiracy (see "'Messages' from the 9/11 Dead," Skeptical Inquirer 35:4, July/August 2011, 47-51).

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