Aura Subject

My "aura" (one's reputed "life-energy field"—unknown to science) has purportedly been seen, measured, and photographed, but I remain skeptical of the existence of such. (Once at a psychic workshop an instructor used me to illustrate how one's energy field expanded and contracted with breathing; actually I held my breath while feigning breathing, yet some of the imaginative would-be psychics "saw" the alleged effect anyway! Again, at England's Silbury Hill where I was investigating a crop circle, a dowser purportedly measured my "auric field" with his witching rod then had me meditate a few moments, whereupon my aura, he said, expanded from a few inches to several feet!)

In the accompanying photos, I am at a psychic fair posing for a "Full Body Aura Photograph"; I had two made, which were so different as to cast doubt on the process. (See my Real-Life X-Files [2001, pp. 142-149].)

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