Assassination Researcher

I researched the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, attempting to help Robert Oswald-brother of Lee Harvey Oswald-stop the exhumation of the latter's corpse. British crank Michael Eddowes, in his The Oswald File, claimed that the man buried in Oswald's grave was a lookalike Soviet assassin. I consulted with ear identification expert Alfred Iannarelli to prove that the ear patterns of the Dallas assassin matched those of Oswald's, and made many additional investigatory findings. (See "Assassin or Look-Alike," chap. 10 of my Real or Fake, 2009.)

I also researched (with Doug Fetherling) the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., for Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) radio in Toronto. We tracked assassin James Earl Ray on the Canadian portion of his post-assassination flight and questioned two of the real men whose names he used to obtain false documents. We also interviewed the manager of the travel bureau that unwittingly helped Ray obtain a fraudulent passport which he used to flee to England. (See Freelance Broadcaster.)

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