Arresting Officer

While working as a California special officer (see Armed Guard), I helped make the arrest of a couple of thieves fleeing a store I was guarding in Santa Monica. (I was assisting a visiting plainclothes security officer who was forced to draw his pistol to stop the man from driving off. When his accomplice, a woman, quickly reached to the glove compartment, I unsnapped my holster, ordered her not to move, and with my left hand reached through the open window to stay her hand. As it happened, she was only trying to get some dummy receipts.)

On another occasion, after I refused entry to a persistent drunk who then assaulted me, I grabbed him, kicked his feet from under him, and put him face down on the pavement where I handcuffed him with his hands behind his back. I then turned him over to a police officer who made the actual "collar."

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